Material « Starting Blocks » by Talia Cohen Lumbroso

I have met young athletes from the Marais de Villiers School in Montreuil.
Below are dialogues that have surprised me because there were powerful and funny.

At the end of their training, the girls sit on the grass facing the stadium. Boys are playing football in the distance.
Two girls belonging to the same school are strolling around. They wear red lipstick and lick lollilops to get the boys attention. Some of the girls have put make-up on after the training. They are eating chocolate, talking about Calvin who dumped Maissa without an explanation and about the math test awaiting them.


les seins

Voix-over :
What do you do when you are done training ?

Maryam :
I walk. I cross the street. Then I go up a hill. Then I go down the stairs.
I go straight, I make a turn, I go up a hill again and I am there. It’s quite quick to go back home.
After that, I eat, I take a shower, I watch TV.


visage Emma avant départ

Nawel :
Before I start running, I feel like pooping.


hans pied sur barre

Maissa :
They shouldn’t dress that way.
They shouldn’t wear such low neck t-shirts. Such shiny clothes. They shouldn’t put that much make-up.

Mamafilany :
If my mother saw me wearing the same kind of make-up, she would become f-ing crazy.


reverie dalia

Emma :
My parents get along well but sometimes they get into fights.
When they get into fights, my mother screams really loud.
But I am 6 years-old anymore, it’s okay…



Lucie :
He doesn’t even know how to speak proper french. He doesn’t say : it’s over between us.
He says between us over. He is such a douchebag.


3 filles mur
Noëlla :
Boys obsess about it. They want to tell their friends «I did it man » , they want to show off.
We are different. We will make love when we feel like it not because we have to.